Break The Cycles &
Awaken Your Potential

Transform your life at its core. Our impactful techniques - Hypnotherapy, Emotional Release, and Neurolinguistic Programming - UNLOCK lasting change by accessing your subconscious.

  • Overcome Anxiety
  • Release Trauma
  • Relationship Issues
  • Manage Stress
  • Boost Self-Confidence
  • ​Performance Enhancement

Through the art of Hypnotherapy, Break through challenges such as stress, anxiety, phobias, and unhealthy habits.

Whether you're seeking personal growth, healing, or transformation, our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way. Embark on a journey of self-empowerment and let us help you sculpt the life you deserve. Explore our offerings, meet our practitioners, and embark on a path of holistic well-being.
Your transformation begins here.

Does this sound like you?

  Do you often find yourself overwhelmed by excessive worry, even when there's no immediate cause for concern?

  Are there specific triggers or traumatic events from your past that contribute to your anxiety and seem to replay in your mind?

  Have you noticed a pattern of attracting the same negative dynamics or toxic behaviors in your relationships?

  Have you experienced a loss of intimacy or emotional connection with your partner that you'd like to improve?

  Are you experiencing patterns of jealousy or possessiveness that are impacting your ability to enjoy a healthy relationship?


What's Holding You Back?

ANXIETY >> Release

You've suffered enough. When will you decide to break the chains of Anxiety? Relief is not only possible, but likely:

  • Calming Techniques: Learn personalized relaxation techniques and mental strategies to manage anxious thoughts and emotions effectively.
  • ​Identifying Triggers: Through guided sessions, we'll help you uncover and address the underlying ROOT triggers causing your anxiety.
  • ​Stress Reduction: By targeting the subconscious mind, hypnotherapy reduces stress on a deep level, promoting a sense of calm in daily life.
  • ​Long-lasting Results: Josh equips you with skills to manage anxiety long after sessions end, providing enduring relief and peace.

MINDSET >> Reset

Embrace Change: helping you shift mindsets and conquer the inner obstacles holding you back.

  • Overcoming Procrastination: Address subconscious factors contributing to procrastination and replace them with a proactive, completion, mindset.
  • ​​Lasting Transformation: Equip yourself with tools to maintain a positive mindset long after sessions, ensuring sustained personal growth.
  • ​Fear Management: Josh helps manage and overcome fears by altering the subconscious associations that fuel them.
  • Confidence Boost: Enhance self-confidence and self-esteem, fostering a more empowered and optimistic mindset.
  • ​Limiting Belief Transformation: Hypnotherapy helps identify and reframe deep-seated limiting beliefs that hinder personal growth.

TRAUMA >> Release

Emotional Trauma, or sometimes called "baggage", can cripple our lives and halt all desired progress we seek. Many of our clients experience profound, lasting, transformations even in the first session.  

  • Safe Exploration: Hypnotherapy provides a safe environment to explore traumatic experiences in a controlled and supported manner.
  • ​Reframing Memories: Transform the way traumatic memories are stored and recalled, reducing their emotional impact.
  • ​Symptom Alleviation: Hypnotherapy helps alleviate trauma-related symptoms like anxiety, flashbacks, and intrusive thoughts.
  • ​Self-Compassion Cultivation: Hypnotherapy supports the cultivation of self-compassion and self-forgiveness on a subconscious level.

ADDICTION >> Release

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  • Root Cause Resolution: Hypnotherapy targets the subconscious, addressing the underlying emotional and psychological triggers of addiction.
  • ​Behavioral Restructuring: Through guided sessions, Josh helps rewire ingrained behaviors associated with addiction, promoting healthier choices.
  • ​Craving Management: Learn techniques to manage and reduce cravings by altering the subconscious associations that drive addictive behaviors.
  •  Lifestyle Transformation: Experience holistic change as hypnotherapy supports shifts in lifestyle, social circles, and routines that reinforce recovery.


Our Discovery Package is perfect for those new to hypnotherapy. In this session, you'll experience the power of hypnosis and receive personalized guidance to kickstart your journey towards your desired goal at no risk to your wallet.

  • ​Release Anxiety/Stress, Anger: Some of us walk around in such a state of Anxiety/Stress that we believe it's what our bodies should feel like. In this session, experience life as it is intended. 
  • Roadmap to "Healing"Without a destination, how will you know where you're headed? Receive a detailed strategy for moving you quickly in the direction of your true self. 
  • Mind Mastery in 22 Seconds: Yes, 22 Seconds. This modality, alone, is worth the investment of our time together. Learn this technique to instantly shift from chaos to calm. 

Total value: $297

Your Investment: $0


The Foundational Package is designed for individuals committed to achieving lasting change. It includes three one-hour sessions with Josh. This package allows for a more in-depth exploration of your desired change and issues, providing the opportunity for targeted interventions and reinforcement of positive changes.

  • Break The Pattern/Cycle: There are patterns that surface around each "desired change" we seek. Think about the last time you wanted to lose weight or start going to the gym. The pattern that usually occurs is this: You're not happy with your body, you desire change, start a gym membership, go to the gym one or two times...then never again. Here, we disrupt these cycle patterns at a subconscious/lasting level. 
  • Anchoring Change: "Your Emotional State drives your Behavior and your Behavior drives your Outcome." We will anchor an emotional state to drive the outcome you desire.  Imagine shifting your emotion from feeling tired and "lazy" to DRIVEN & PRODUCTIVE...this is where change occurs. 
  • Timeline Therapy: Whatever result you're seeking likely stems from an event in the past laying dormant in the subconscious trapping an undesired emotion. We will use TT to release these emotions and usher in the change you are desiring. 

Total value: $1,444

Your Investment: $688


Our Advanced Package offers extensive support for your transformation journey. There is no "one size fits all" approach to reclaiming your life and this package enables Josh to spend multiple sessions going straight to the root cause and "reprogramming" your mind for the life you desire. FINALLY, break free from the limitations that have held you back. 

It includes six, one-hour sessions, allowing for a deeper and more personalized experience. This package is ideal for individuals seeking profound, life-altering, transformations in all aspects of their lives.

  • Prana Bank: This time-tested, unique, sacred tool has not been offered to the public. This is one of the most effective discoveries supercharging the reinforcement of all the goals you're "wishing" to come true, but lack the roadmap to obtaining. 
  • Self-Hypnosis Training: Learn techniques to help guide yourself into a state of hypnosis and transform the areas of your life that may be holding you back. 
  • Advanced Mind-Mapping & Relaxation Techniques: You will experience heightened levels of relief from Anxiety or Stress while learning how to apply these strategies in your life after our sessions. Our goal is to teach you how to find relief on your own, not become dependent on our services.  
  • Remove Blocks From Your Past: By identifying and removing these blocks you will learn to freely flow into the new desired state. Ex: Think of a river being dammed up. Water doesn't freely flow in that scenario. Removing the Dam/Block can allow things like Relationship Blocks, Money Blocks, or Limiting Belief Blocks to disappear and you witness your relationships, money, or beliefs improving. 

Total value: $3,888

Your Investment: $1,888


For those committed to achieving the ultimate transformation, our Ultimate Transformation Package is your gateway to MASSIVE change. You're tired of trying...you're now DEDICATED TO ABSOLUTE CHANGE. You're ready to spend the next 6 weeks embodying daily shifts personally guided by Josh, just for you. This package includes one-hour sessions, daily strategy execution sessions, along with out-of-the-box experiences both in-person and via Zoom to construct the exact journey and outcome you've longed for. NOW IS THE TIME. Gain access to Josh directly and Anchor the change.
Your future self will thank you. 

  • ​Bottom-Line: You already know if this package is for YOU. This is not for the faint of heart. This is true, massive, foundational-shaking change at your Core.  You've simply had enough! 
  • RESULTS DRIVEN: This Custom-Tailored approach is an intense, immersive, experience that provides the exact level of transformational push you've been looking for. Limited to 4 participants at a time, as the time commitment for our team is much greater and we have pledge to create the change you're desiring. 

Total value: $15,888

Your Investment: $8,888

What Are They Saying About Josh?


We get these questions a lot 

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an altered, aware, state of being that can encourage massive transformations by accessing the subconscious mind. The subconscious runs roughly 95% of your daily life. As much as you may want change…the subconscious does not like the unknown. This is the primary reason Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective. In order to enact true change in your life it won’t come from solely conscious “willpower”. It must be programmed within the subconscious in order for the change to become lasting and a true part of your daily life.

What is NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)?

You may have heard of Tony Robbins or Dr Joe Dispenza. Both of them use variations of NLP to engage and program the subconscious mind for lasting, desired, change. Think of your mind like a Supercomputer. In fact, the MOST powerful Supercomputer on the planet. Computers need to be programmed correct? From birth to the age of around 8 years old, your Supercomputer was being directly programmed by your environment. NLP is that practice that allows a Practitioner to engage and reprogram your mind for the desire outcome you’re seeking. Whether quitting a habit, forming a new habits, developing a plan for goals, accomplishing new success heights, releasing fear, and so much more…NLP can surely help program you for lasting change.

Does Hypnosis & NLP work virtually (Zoom)?

Absolutely! Services like Teledoc and Telemedicine have surfaced in recent years and have proven to be quite effective at diagnosis patients over zoom, video, etc. Hypnotherapy & NLP are no different. As long as we can see your face and body movements, we can effectively gauge whether you are in a state of hypnosis. In fact, all of the reviews you may have read from google about me were completed virtually via Zoom. We do offer a few spots locally in the Sugar Hill, GA region for clients who simply cannot be seen virtually due to their environment not being quiet or relaxing or maybe they don’t have the resources necessary for a stable internet connection.

Will I cluck like a chicken during Hypnosis?

Not unless you want to. :) Stage hypnosis and the hypnosis you see on TV is purely for entertainment and not what happens in our office. You are in complete control. A common misconception is that I, or one of our team members, has control of your mind and body. This is very false. Hypnosis outcomes occur when you’ve given permission internally to allow those changes to take place. I’m here to serve you as a Guide. Much of our process stems from understanding your desired goals, then guiding you into embodying those suggestions. You are very much in control of the entire experience.

What methods do you use?

No two clients are exactly the same. We tailor our sessions to meet the client where they are by using a number of different methods ranging from Hypnosis, Mental & Emotional Release (MER), Therapeutic Imagery, Journaling, NLP, and other tools.

Will insurance cover my session?

Likely not. Many insurance carriers will reimburse your cost through a health savings account or other avenues, but not in the traditional billing sense. Even though Hypnotherapy is often referred out by Surgeons and MD’s as an ancillary practice to help aid in mindset (which aids the healing process), most insurance providers will not bill accurately for Hypnotherapy just yet.

What if I want a refund?

We understand there are desires and needs, periodically, that may result in a request for refund. Given the highly sensitive approach to our sessions, it is not uncommon for a client to become "triggered" in the 2nd or 3rd session because their subconscious is afraid of the very change they came seeking from us. With this in mind, we do not offer refunds and strongly suggest trusting our process. We have yet to have a single complaint when clients complete their plan.

Why are you priced higher than others I've seen on the internet?

We’ve spent a longtime identifying an accurate billing rate for our services based on the experience provided. Unfortunately, the barrier of entry into the Hypnotherapy world is very thin…meaning just about anyone can take a course on Udemy and become a “Hypnotherapist”. We’ve endured over 800Hrs of Certification along with 300+Hrs of a Clinical Residency to be awarded the title of Clinical Hypnotherapist. Investing in yourself is the greatest investment that can be made in your lifetime and it’s not to be taken lightly. Our services come from a long history of client experience and clinical education as it relates to the mind/body connection. We’ve witness firsthand just how ineffective hypnotherapy is when given for free or a very low price. Research shows that the more you invest in yourself through these practices, the likelier the lasting change will occur.

How many Sessions will I need?

This varies, but an average of 3-5 sessions over the course of a few weeks or months is what we have found to be effective. If you’re 45 years old, you have had 45 years of programming. Although rapid change CAN, and does, occur sometimes in one session, it’s not realistic to think 45 years of programming can be undone in one 90min session. 3-5 sessions, reinforcing the new pattern/habit, seems to be extremely effective and is a good gauge of the amount of time needed.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

We understand the life changes quickly and unexpected events arise for our clients. Our policy is that we will work will you as much as humanely possibly in order to find the next, best, available session time. If "day-of" cancellations occur, however, it is our policy to collect the session payment and treat the missed appointment as a non-refundable event if the session was paid in advance.

Our Entire Life Can Change In A Moment. 

Will this be that moment for you? Take action and break the repeating cycle that has been holding you back. 

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Copyright 2022 | www.joshperrington.com | Direct: 540.278.9913