What's been holding you back from living your most authentic life?

Release past emotional blocks (Anxiety, Stress, Anger, Overwhelm, etc), suppressed memories or trauma, and eliminate limiting beliefs to begin the journey back to self. You are here to thrive, not just survive.

Struggling with Anxiety, Relationships, Goals, Fear, etc?

How Hypnosis & NLP Can Help...

  • Release Anxiety and Stress (often in the first session)

  • Release Anger & Sadness surrounding past traumatic/unwanted experiences to usher in the healing process.

  • Heal Conflict in Marriage | Relationships & begin to thrive as a couple

  • Finally set & ACCOMPLISH goals, eliminating unwanted habits

  • Stop Procrastinating & Start Finishing

  • Reinforce new HEALTHY Habits & Stopping unhealthier ones (Smoking, Dieting, etc)

  • Learn to ANCHOR in Confidence, Discipline, Positive Self-Image, etc

  • Overcome loss/grief and learn to move forward again

  • Explore Past-Life Regression to gain perspective on patterns in your life

  • Guidance on Life Transitions

  • Gain CLARITY on your Life Plan | Goals

  • Develop NEW, more resourceful, habits, disciplines, and outcomes

  • Much, much more…

What Clients Are Saying...

How we can help...

A little over a decade ago, I found myself in the midst of a divorce, a family being fractured, my mental state severely depressed, and my financial outlook...grim. During that time I began a thirst for knowledge and healing. What started as a nightly read through various self-help books, morphed into a full-blown life shift.

I began the process of truly healing the parts inside of myself that I didn't think existed. Isn't it interesting how we tend to hide the "shadows" of our life from the outer world...even from ourselves. It's only when we start searching that we find these gems (and keys) to an abundant, thriving, life.

Certification after certification I learned that the problems didn't start with me necessarily. They were a product of my programming. From birth through about the age of 8 years old our minds are quite literally being programmed. I often say, your mind is THE MOST powerful supercomputer on the planet...but it's not always your friend.

After spending 8 years in the US Marine Corps and graduating #1 of 50+ Marines in my occupational school, being promoted Meritoriously 3x, and selected to join an elite consulting unit consisting of only 100 Marines worldwide...I learned the value of discipline and the role it plays in moving through life's cycles of depression, grief, love, and even apathy. I'm able to now share those techniques with women, men, and teens to help navigate through procrastination, anger, accomplishing goals, and eliminating the limiting beliefs holding you back.

I then spent the next 6+years through schooling to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP - language of the mind), Certified in Mental & Emotional Release, Certified as a Practitioner/Guide for Stanford University's Clarity Catalyst, and a number of other modalities. Over 1800hrs of documented certification hours along with over 100hrs of Residency oversight.

For almost a decade, I've been helping people overcome limiting beliefs, emotional blocks, and step into the best version of themselves. What started as intuitively guiding sales teams and coaching friends, fueled the inferno that is present now. Our clients now include Emmy Award Winners, Platinum Recording Artists, Influencers, Professional Athletes, teens navigating life's direction, and everyone in between.

You were built for more. You were built to thrive...to truly be HAPPY. It's my greatest honor to guide you on this journey.

Sending you the best of intentions!

Josh Perrington, CHt

Imagine your life as a wheel that encompasses these eight dimensions/facets of wellness. To be truly "enlightened" and feel completely well, all eight facets should be operating at their fullest potential.

If you were to rate yourself in each of the eight segments from 1-10, how would you score? 1 being depleted and 10 meaning you can't possibly improve.

Often times we find ourselves thriving in 1 or 2 dimensions, but lack severely in the others. A great example may be a Father who thrives in his career, but lacks the true family connection or is in poor physical health. Another may be a person who is in optimal physical wellness, but lacks the financial or spiritual wellness to fully thrive.

Through a myriad of techniques, we can program the subconscious to aid drastically in the improvement of these areas (all, or a few) rapidly.

How would your life be different if all dimensions were thriving?

Latest Offerings

Clarity Catalyst

How to Gain Clarity and Purpose In A World Full Of Distraction and Noise, Without Sacrificing Time With Family or Investing $1,000's in Therapy.

8 Weeks

12 Lessons

Beginner Level

Rebirth Retreat

Come experience an authentic, Sacred, Native American Sweat Lodge while releasing your past limiting beliefs and birthing your new future. Gourmet meals prepared by an Award-Winning Chef, Lodging in the Mountains of Blowing Rock, NC, and exercises to integrate massive change in your life. You won't leave the same person.

60 hours

Blowing Rock, NC

CoEd Retreat

You've waited long enough... Change is here.

The most important step is the first.

Option 1


Immediate Action/Relief

For those looking to see immediate results/relief for issues like anxiety, anger, stress, or short-term goals. Included 3 Sessions.



  • 3 1:1 Sessions via Zoom or In-Person

  • Highly effective brain-mapping techniques for you to utilize daily, on your own, to find relief and accomplish goals.

  • Release anxiety, stress, sadness, anger and feel immediate relief

  • Remove blocks from the past and reclaim your power

  • Begin to understand your patterns and even those around you on a deeper level. Awaken to the possibilities surrounding you daily.

Option 2



Intentions are set to alter your life path. You've noticed certain cycles keep repeating and you've had enough. Here we eliminate limiting beliefs, release past trauma/emotional baggage, develop a detailed plan for new growth, and integrate new habits.

Includes 6 Sessions



  • 6 1:1 Sessions via Zoom or In-Person

  • Release deep-rooted stored emotions preventing lasting change

  • Creation of custom physical anchors to evoke immediate emotional state changes. These changes drive the behavior you're seeking.

  • Create a customized, detailed, life-path plan, gaining immense Clarity on your Purpose.

  • Reinforce brain-mapping techniques to establish your new future. Experience the change you're seeking.

Option 3


Intensive Custom

An experience like no other. Highly customize approach with upwards of daily contact & reinforcement. This is for the high achiever who is ready to place their growth on overdrive.

Includes 22 Sessions, varying in length.



  • Complete customized journey lasting between 4-6 weeks. Sometimes daily contact is required, when others may need daily "homework".

  • Accomplish the BIG goals you've been procrastinating. Detailed plan of action created and integrated into your daily life.

  • Gain access to the "Prana Bank" - a unique sacred tool for reinforcing incremental lasting change. Not public knowledge.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an altered, aware, state of being that can encourage massive transformations by accessing the subconscious mind. The subconscious runs roughly 95% of your daily life. As much as you may want change…the subconscious does not like the unknown. This is the primary reason Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective. In order to enact true change in your life it won’t come from solely conscious “willpower”. It must be programmed within the subconscious in order for the change to become lasting and a true part of your daily life.

What is NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)?

You may have heard of Tony Robbins or Dr Joe Dispenza. Both of them use variations of NLP to engage and program the subconscious mind for lasting, desired, change. Think of your mind like a Supercomputer. In fact, the MOST powerful Supercomputer on the planet. Computers need to be programmed correct? From birth to the age of around 8 years old, your Supercomputer was being directly programmed by your environment. NLP is that practice that allows a Practitioner to engage and reprogram your mind for the desire outcome you’re seeking. Whether quitting a habit, forming a new habits, developing a plan for goals, accomplishing new success heights, releasing fear, and so much more…NLP can surely help program you for lasting change.

Does Hypnosis & NLP work virtually (Zoom)?

Absolutely! Services like Teledoc and Telemedicine have surfaced in recent years and have proven to be quite effective at diagnosis patients over zoom, video, etc. Hypnotherapy & NLP are no different. As long as we can see your face and body movements, we can effectively gauge whether you are in a state of hypnosis. In fact, all of the reviews you may have read from google about me were completed virtually via Zoom. We do offer a few spots locally in the Sugar Hill, GA region for clients who simply cannot be seen virtually due to their environment not being quiet or relaxing or maybe they don’t have the resources necessary for a stable internet connection.

Will I cluck like a chicken during Hypnosis?

Not unless you want to. :) Stage hypnosis and the hypnosis you see on TV is purely for entertainment and not what happens in our office. You are in complete control. A common misconception is that I, or one of our team members, has control of your mind and body. This is very false. Hypnosis outcomes occur when you’ve given permission internally to allow those changes to take place. I’m here to serve you as a Guide. Much of our process stems from understanding your desired goals, then guiding you into embodying those suggestions. You are very much in control of the entire experience.

What methods do you use?

No two clients are exactly the same. We tailor our sessions to meet the client where they are by using a number of different methods ranging from Hypnosis, Mental & Emotional Release (MER), Therapeutic Imagery, Journaling, NLP, and other tools.

Will insurance cover my session?

Likely not. Many insurance carriers will reimburse your cost through a health savings account or other avenues, but not in the traditional billing sense. Even though Hypnotherapy is often referred out by Surgeons and MD’s as an ancillary practice to help aid in mindset (which aids the healing process), most insurance providers will not bill accurately for Hypnotherapy just yet.

What if I want a refund?

We understand there are desires and needs, periodically, that may result in a request for refund. Given the highly sensitive approach to our sessions, it is not uncommon for a client to become "triggered" in the 2nd or 3rd session because their subconscious is afraid of the very change they came seeking from us. With this in mind, we do not offer refunds and strongly suggest trusting our process. We have yet to have a single complaint when clients complete their plan.

Why are you priced higher than others I've seen on the internet?

We’ve spent a longtime identifying an accurate billing rate for our services based on the experience provided. Unfortunately, the barrier of entry into the Hypnotherapy world is very thin…meaning just about anyone can take a course on Udemy and become a “Hypnotherapist”. We’ve endured over 800Hrs of Certification along with 300+Hrs of a Clinical Residency to be awarded the title of Clinical Hypnotherapist. Investing in yourself is the greatest investment that can be made in your lifetime and it’s not to be taken lightly. Our services come from a long history of client experience and clinical education as it relates to the mind/body connection. We’ve witness firsthand just how ineffective hypnotherapy is when given for free or a very low price. Research shows that the more you invest in yourself through these practices, the likelier the lasting change will occur.

How many Sessions will I need?

This varies, but an average of 3-5 sessions over the course of a few weeks or months is what we have found to be effective. If you’re 45 years old, you have had 45 years of programming. Although rapid change CAN, and does, occur sometimes in one session, it’s not realistic to think 45 years of programming can be undone in one 90min session. 3-5 sessions, reinforcing the new pattern/habit, seems to be extremely effective and is a good gauge of the amount of time needed.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

We understand the life changes quickly and unexpected events arise for our clients. Our policy is that we will work will you as much as humanely possibly in order to find the next, best, available session time. If "day-of" cancellations occur, however, it is our policy to collect the session payment and treat the missed appointment as a non-refundable event if the session was paid in advance.

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Are you ok in there?