Josh Perrington

Subconscious Behaviorist

I believe there is greatness residing inside each of us... That we each have a set of gears and levers inside our mind that we might not understand how to fully use. It's like being gifted a Lamborghini, or that new kitchen mixer, without any instructions. Your Subconscious is the most powerful App in your life...more powerful than your iPhone, PC, etc...but it needs programming. 

Program your Subconscious for Excellence and you can accomplish any, and everything, from Losing Weight, Winning at Work, Finding your Soulmate, Repairing Relationships, to even achieving MASSIVE Abundance. 

You have all of the tools inside of you...let's unlock them together. 

Areas of Expertise

Neurolinguistic Programming, Guided Imagery/Meditation, Clarity Catalyst Guide, Hypnotherapy, Peak Performance Catalyst, Regression Therapy

Contact Me

I'm excited to help you! Although sessions are booked well in advance, see this as a positive... You will have that time to prepare and determine the exact upgrade you want to receive in your life. I'm here to guide you into Abundance, Healing, and overall wellbeing. 

I do receive cancellations sometimes, so feel free to email and check for an opening that may not be present on the calendar. 

Sugar Hill, GA 30518

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